IESE Award Finalist
LGC Awards Finalist
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RITA stands for Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities and is an all-in-one touch Screen solution which offers digital reminiscence therapy which is a relatively new tool in the fields of nursing and healthcare; it encompasses the use of user-friendly interactive screens and tablets to blend entertainment with therapy and to assist patients (particularly with memory impairments) in recalling and sharing events from their past through listening to music, watching news reports of significant historical events, listening to war-time speeches, playing games and karaoke, browsing the internet, my life stories, viewing old maps and photographs, making video calls and also for watching films (and significantly, this list is likely to get longer).


Some features and benefits:

  • Using RITA will help contribute to the reduction of prescribing anti-psychotic and sleeping medication
  • Mood & Wellbeing Outcomes for the Patient and Carer
  • Helps carers and family members communicate more effectively with the resident
  • Helps you comply with regulations
  • Boosts staff retention and staff morale
  • Cost effective solution to an industry need
  • Regional media content for 12 UK regions
  • Ability to download personal media content
  • Full admin/reporting function
  • Favourites can be saved for each resident delivering digital personalised care